Did You Know Your Home Buying Agent Can Do These Things For You?

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One of the secrets to finding the right home is finding the right agent. A buyer's agent will show you homes, and when you find the one you like, they'll help you make an offer and negotiate with the seller. But that's not all that a buyer's real estate agent will do — far from it. Make sure you take advantage of these other services they offer.

1. Helping you shop around for a mortgage

Many home buyers go off on their own and get pre-approved for a mortgage before they even hire a real estate agent. There's nothing inherently wrong with this approach, but there is a better approach. Hire a real estate agent first; they can then help you shop around for a mortgage. Agents tend to know which banks offer the best rates, and they can point you in the direction of a good deal. You won't have to waste as much time shopping around and applying at banks that would not have offered you a good deal anyways.

2. Recommending a neighborhood

It's totally fine to approach your real estate agent with a list of neighborhoods you want to live in. But if you're not sure which neighborhoods would suit your needs and lifestyle, then you need to be asking questions instead. Tell your real estate agent about yourself. Tell them where you work, what your family plans are, and what kinds of entertainment you like. They can then recommend neighborhoods you might like to live in. This service comes in particularly handy when you're moving to a city you don't know well.

3. Attending a home inspection on your behalf

It's so important to have a home inspection done before you agree to purchase a home. But scheduling such an inspection can be tough, particularly if you have to work during the day. Your real estate agent can attend the inspection on your behalf. They can then tell you what issues the inspector uncovered and give you advice as to how you should proceed based on those issues.

4. Communicate with the attorneys and the bank

Your attorney, the seller's attorney, and the bank are all going to be quite involved in the sale process. These entities might need some information from you from time to time, but for the most part, your real estate agent should be able to handle communications with them. 

Buying a home is so much easier with a good agent on your side. They can handle all of these tasks and more.

For further information, reach out to a local home buying agent.

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