Love To Garden? 3 Tips For Buying A Condo

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If you are passionate about gardening, you may find the idea of owning a single-family home somewhat appealing. But, you may not want to take on all the responsibilities that come with owning a whole property including everything on the inside and outside of a house. This may encourage you to buy a condo to become a property owner. If you still want to enjoy gardening, you should get creative while searching for condos to purchase one that satisfies your desires. 

Outdoor Space

When it comes to creating a list of demands, you should not hesitate to include an outdoor space as one because this is the greatest feature to get that will allow you to garden. Prioritizing garden-level units is worth doing because this is where you have the greatest chance of getting a large space to work with outside. If you are patient and persistent enough, you will even be able to find some condo units with a small yard that you get to use for all your gardening projects.


Paying attention to the windows is extra important if you would like to grow plants inside the condo that you buy. A lack of windows, especially with direct and indirect natural lighting will make it tough to grow a wide variety of plants. If you are flexible enough, you should be able to find lots of condos with ample indirect lighting that works for plants that do not need much sun.

Where you will need to put a little more time in is trying to get a lot of direct sunlight exposure. To get this kind of light from several windows in a condo, you should look closely at all the listing photos and get in-person tours on a sunny day so that you can see the lighting for yourself.


When you are okay with growing plants even if they are not at home, you should look for condos with a community garden as an amenity. This will give you a chance to enjoy the benefits of a backyard without having to worry about upkeep aside from your personal gardening space.

Another option is picking a condo where you are able to find a community garden within the neighborhood as this will also give you an opportunity to grow lots of plants outside.

Buying a condo while following these tips will help you satisfy your gardening needs. Speak to a real estate agent like one at Silverton Realty, Inc. to learn more. 

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