3 Features That Maximize Natural Light When Buying a Condo

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While looking at potential homes to buy, you may analyze both condos and single-family homes. Something that you might notice is that houses have an easier time getting natural light because they have windows on every side. Also, most homes are located in areas where there are not as many obstructions that can block the sun from letting light inside. If you looking at condos for sale, you should get creative with shopping around to find a unit with excellent natural lighting.

Outdoor Space

An excellent way to get natural light into your condo is by purchasing a unit with an outdoor space. While you will be able to get a patio on garden level, this is where you are at most risk of having the sunlight blocked by nearby buildings or trees. Since you will not be able to make changes to either obstruction, you may want to prioritize upper floor units with balconies.

A large balcony with a sliding glass door will give you an incredible amount of natural light that you can get throughout the day by keeping the blinds or curtains open.

Corner Unit

Another option for getting a lot of natural light is by prioritizing corner units as this will give you an extra exterior wall for windows to let sunlight inside. Ideally, you want the corner unit to be located in an area where all the windows are not covered in shade throughout the day. This should not be hard to find out when you look at photos closely and get tours in person.


While a large unit with ideal placement for soaking up the sun is a great start in your condo search, you will still want to analyze the windows themselves. For instance, a condo with a high window count may seem a lot more appealing than one with a much lower window count, but the detail that truly matters is how much glass space there is for the sun to shine through.

Some condos may have a floor-to-ceiling window that takes up an entire wall and is considered one window, which means you cannot just look at the descriptions and numbers.

Finding a condo with a lot of natural light is something that may take a decent amount of time, effort, and patience. But knowing what to look for and being comfortable with checking out each condo in person to learn as much as you can about each unit will help you buy an ideal condo.

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