A Checklist For Preparing For House Showings

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Listing a house will result in showings, and the showings you have on your house could result in a sale. The showings are an important part of selling a house, and it may take work to prepare for these and be somewhat inconvenient to go through. Here is a checklist you can use to help you prepare for each showing request you receive. Following this list can help you make your home more presentable for those who enter inside to see it.

Keep up with the yard work and cleaning

One of the basic things to do when you are selling is keep up with all yard work and basic cleaning tasks for the house. You might not be able to keep the house and yard perfect at all times, but you should aim to keep up with keeping both areas as neat and tidy as possible. By doing this, it will make preparing for showings a lot easier.

Do a basic house sweep

Just before your showings, you should aim to do a basic house sweep. What this means is that you should aim to walk through every room in your house picking things up that are out of place and straightening and tidying up each room. You may also want to quickly run the vacuum over all carpeted areas and just give every room a last-minute cleaning. If your house is basically clean to begin with, this should not take long to do.

Steps to brighten it up

Next, you should open up your window treatments and turn on lights in dim areas of your house. Doing these types of things will brighten up your home. Buyers love brightness in homes, so this could be a very positive move to make before your showings.

Last things to do before you walk out

Just before you walk out the door, you might also want to plan to take out the garbage before each showing and adjust the temperature on the thermostat. Finally, you should take a quick look at your foyer area and the areas of your home you can see when standing in your foyer. These will be the first things buyers see when they walk in so you want this part of the home to look as good as possible.

Having a plan for your viewings will help you leave your home in a way that is more presentable and appealing to those who come for their showings. To find out what else you can do to prepare your home for showings, ask a local real estate agent. They can give you tips on residential real estate showings.

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